Privacy Policy

Personal information that may be collected includes:

1. Group task input

The input provided through the group task form will be collected and reported to the contact person for your company on a group level.

2. Organisational affiliation

In order to a) report completion rates on a group level, and b) pass answers and feedback collected through the learning packages on to the correct person(s), we ask you to disclose your team’s organisational affiliation in the group task form.

3. Email address (optional)

In order to receive a copy of your team’s answers/feedback on the group task, you may write your email address at the end of the form.


BehaviorLab AS is responsible for the handling of any personal information on behalf of Always Safe and its collaboration partners.

Only BehaviorLab AS have access to all data collected through Always Safe, and will report only company specific input from the group task form to any companies using this solution.

Your information will not be used for any other purposes than the ones stated above, and will not be shared, sold, or otherwise transferred to third parties, unless legally required.

For further questions, please use our contact form: