Q3 2021 Observation of hazards

The goal of the learning package is to prevent dangerous conditions and incidents by:

  • Practicing the correct use of observation techniques and learning from each other
  • Increasing the number of reported observations and learning from them
  • Strengthening the culture for registration and follow-up of observations

The learning package focuses on falling objects and other potential hazards!

Introduction: Observation of hazards

By using observation to actively look for potential hazards, we can strengthen barriers and manage risk before an incident occurs and someone is injured. Together we can build a strong observation culture and avoid dangerous conditions and incidents.

NB! Please note that some of the footage used in the films was taken before Covid 19. Always follow the applicable infection control rules.

Case studies

Choose the case most relevant to your team as a starting point to work on how we can become better at observing hazards.

Observation in the field

How can we become better at observing and reporting deviations?

Stronger observation culture

How can leaders work towards a stronger observation culture?

Observation in design and engineering

How can we catch potential hazards in the design and engineering phase?

Observation in an office environment

How can we catch potential hazards in an office environment?