Q4 Health and working environment

A learning package from Aibel

This learning package was made by Aibel and shared with their consent. The package was originally posted in Aibel in Q4 2020 under the topic ‘Health and working environment’ in the annual safety wheel.

About this learning package

The focus for the final quarter of 2020 is health and working environment. The presentations contain useful material and links to websites that are related to the subject of this learning package, and information that is relevant to Aibel’s campaigns “Look after yourself” and “Be a good colleague”.

Below you will find three presentations directed at operators (construction yard/site), non-manual wokers (office personnel), and supervisors and safety delegates, respectively.

Please note that the presentations may contain external links to films and other relevant resources.


Operators (construction yard/site)

Non-manual workers (office personnel)

Supervisors and safety delegates

Look after yourself and be a good colleague!

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