Q3 2022 From observation to action

The goal of the learning package is to strengthen safe work at height and prevent dropped objects by:

  • Identifying and managing hazards related to work at height
  • Establishing good routines for securing equipment and tools
  • Increasing systematic checks for potentially dropped objects in exposed areas

Introduction: From observation to action

Through working safely at height and preventing dropped objects we can avoid serious personal injuries and incidents. This film focuses on how we can ensure good practice for work at height and observation of hazards.

Case studies

Choose the case most relevant to your team as a starting point for how we can work safely at height and prevent dropped objects

Safe work at height

How can we work safely at height?

Preventing dropped objects

How can we prevent dropped objects in drilling and wells?

Catching challenging conditions

What can leaders do to ensure safe work at height?

Prevention throughout the value chain

How can premise providers contribute to safe work at height?