Q2 2022 Prevent personal injuries

The goal of the learning package is to reduce the risk of personal injuries by:

  • Strengthening proactive safety through learning from normal work
  • Strengthening awareness of conditions that increase or decrease the likelihood of making mistakes
  • Ensuring effective use of Life-Saving Rules for leaders and employees

Introduction: Prevent personal injuries

Good safety work over time has resulted in fewer incidents with personal injuries. It also means that we must find other ways to learn and improve in addition to learning from incidents. The film focuses on how we can learn from normal work and become more aware of conditions that increase and decrease the likelihood of mistakes.

Case studies

Choose the case most relevant to your team as a starting point for how we can work to prevent personal injuries

Part 1: Operative personnel

How can we identify the conditions that make it hard to work safely?

Part 1: Operative leaders

How can leaders use dialogue to prevent personal injuries?

Part 1: Premise providers

How can premise providers contribute to prevent personal injuries?

Part 1: Office personnel

What role do office personnel play in preventing personal injuries?

Part 2: Effective use of Life-Saving Rules

How can we make it easier to use the Life-Saving Rules effectively?