Q2 2021 Prevent personal injuries

The goal of the learning package is to
reduce the risk of personal injuries by:

  • Increasing the understanding of the gap that can arise between requirements and execution of work – and how to close it
  • Contributing to managers and employees having a more active relation to the Life-Saving Rules that are relevant to their work
  • Focusing on proactive and visible leadership that builds trust and promotes good cooperation, in order to eliminate dangers and follow the Life-Saving Rules

Introduction: Prevent personal injuries

Personal injuries are often a result of the the interplay between people, organisation and technology. To prevent personal injuries and other incidents, we have to work together to reduce the gap that can arise from requirements to practice, and use Life-Saving Rules more actively in our daily work.

NB! Please note that the footage used in the films was taken before Covid 19 (with the exception of interviews conducted on Teams). Always follow the applicable infection control rules.

Case studies

Choose the case most relevant to your team as a starting point to work on how we can become better at preventing personal injuries.

It’s about saving lives

How can we use dialogue and Life-Saving Rules to prevent personal injuries?

Dialogue as a tool for safe job execution

How can leaders use dialogue to reduce the risk of personal injuries?

From requirement to practice

How can operation support use dialogue and cooperation to prevent personal injuries?

Safety in everything we do

What does safety mean in an office context, for ourselves and others?