Q1 2024Avoid major accidents

The goal of the learning package is to avoid major accidents by ensuring common situational understanding through:

  • Early involvement of the right competence and experience
  • Good collaboration, facility specific expertise and barrier understanding
  • Thorough assessment of how decisions and framework conditions affect the risk of major accidents

Introduction: Preventing major accidents through common situational understanding

Major accidents are often the result of several barriers failing at the same time. Risk can be transported through the value chain, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance. To reduce risk, we must build common situational understanding at all levels.

Case studies

Choose the case most relevant for your team as a starting point for how we can work to avoid major accidents.

Preventing major accidents in design and engineering

How to ensure common situational understanding through early involvement?

Preventing major accidents in operations and maintenance

How to use interaction to ensure common situational understanding?

Preventing major accidents from office environments

How do framework conditions set in the office affect the risk of major accidents?