Q3 2020 Prevent falling objects

Operative personnel

New checklist

The checklist «Prevent falling objects during work at heighs/scaffolds» will be used by leaders to perform field verifications. As a part of the learning package, leaders will be tasked with testing the checklist in the field and suggesting improvements.

Checklist: Prevent falling objects during work at heights/scaffolds

Work at height

Scaffolding and work at heights contain risk. The film depicts a work team that will carry out work at height from job preparation to completion and learning, focusing on the role of operative personnel in preventing falling objects.

Questions for reflection

Practical task

In part two you will perform an inspection in field, and look for possible static falling objects. Use the checklist “Prevent falling objects: Finding objects before they fall”, together with the SfS Handbook for preventing falling objects.

Findings are to be documented and registered in Synergi, take photos. Identified objects should be taken down or secured, if possible.

Summarize together: How well do you feel that the checklist works? All improvement suggestions will be reviewed and considered in the revision of the checklist.

Checklist: Prevent falling objects: Finding objects before they fall

Feedback on checklist