Q3 2024Safe work at height andpreventing dropped objects

Observation of potential dropped objects

Film: Observation of potential dropped objects

Observation is one of our most important tools to prevent dropped objects and avoid injury to personnel or damage to equipment. In this film, we will look closer at how we can improve our ability to observe and catch potential dropped objects before they fall.

Questions for reflection

Practical task: Observation in the field

The purpose of this task is to use observation more actively in our daily work to help ensure that we work safely at height and that we identify potential dropped objects.

1. Use the discussions from your previous reflection as a framework for carrying out the task.
2. Use the one-pager associated with this learning package as a tool in planning and executing the task.
3. Observations should be reported through local systems and available solutions (use observation cards, take pictures, provide good descriptions). You can tag the observation with “Always Safe Q3 2024”.