Q2 2021 Prevent personal injuries

It's about saving lives

Film: It's about saving lives

There will always be a natural variation in the way work is carried out, but if the difference between requirements and practice becomes too great, the risk of something happening increases. In this film, we take a closer look at how good dialogue and active use of the Life-Saving Rules contribute to reducing risk and preventing personal injuries.

NB! Please note that the footage used in the films was taken before Covid 19 (with the exception of interviews conducted on Teams). Always follow the applicable infection control rules.

Questions for reflection

Practical task

In part 2 / trip 2 you will use the Life-Saving Rules in practice.

Below you will find a task where you will link Life-Saving Rules to a work operation you will be carrying out in the coming weeks, along with a checklist for Life-Saving Rules to help you perform the task.

Life-Saving Rules in Practice

Life-Saving Rules checklist