Q2 2020 Prevent personal injuries

Good safety inspections

Good safety inspections

Inspections serve an important function in our safety work, and a good dialogue between the inspector and the inspected is crucial. The film shows an inspection and how inspections may be experienced by those who do the job.

Questions for reflection:

Practical task

Your next task is to perform inspections in the field, in small groups (max 3-4 persons). One inspector will be observing the others’ inspections/involvement.

Find at least one positive observation, and start with this when summarizing with the inspected.

After the inspection, the inspectors and inspected discuss: How did it feel to be inspected? What impression is the inspected left with? Were possible hazards identified and mitigated? What worked well and could anything have been done better?

Set personal goals for the number of inspections/involvements to perform on a regular basis.