Q1 2020 Avoid major accidents

The goal of the learning package is to
avoid major accidents by:

  • highlighting good examples of safe practice
  • identifying key areas for improvement locally
  • initiating interaction between departments/environments


In the first two learning packages about avoiding major incidents we focused on risk tied to changing plans, jobs that intersect and technical and non-technical barriers.

In this introduction film we will see that the focus of this year examples of measures taken to avoid major accidents, and how we can keep building on our own best practices.

Case studies:

The team will choose a case as a starting point to work on how we can become better at avoiding major accidents.

Observation in the field

How can we become better at observing and reporting deviations?

Stronger observation culture

How can leaders work towards a stronger observation culture?

Observation in design and engineering

How can we catch potential hazards in the design and engineering phase?

Observation in an office environment

How can we catch potential hazards in an office environment?