Q1 2020 Avoid major accidents

The goal of the learning package is to
avoid major accidents by:

  • highlighting good examples of safe practice
  • identifying key areas for improvement locally
  • initiating interaction between departments/environments

How to use the learning package

Trip 1


The team will watch a short introduction film about how to avoid major accidents.


The team chooses one of four cases to work with, and will watch a film about the topic.


The team reflects around questions about how to avoid major accidents. Use the form to enter your answers. You will receive your answers via email.

Between trip 1 and trip 2

Collaboration meeting

Contact your chosen department/professional environment to set up a meeting. In the meeting, sum up your reflections from trip 1 and agree on how you can work together to avoid major accidents.

Trip 2

Review of collaboration meeting

Review the actions discussed in the collaboration meeting with the team and discuss what this means for you.